Welcome to the home of underwater hockey in Western Australia. 

You're either asking 'underwater what?' right now, or you already know all about it and are looking to keep up-to-date. Either way, you will find all the answers you seek on this page.

Underwater hockey in WA is great: you will find a mix of all ages, genders and abilities and you'll be able to find yourself a game in a few different locations. So whether you're a newbie, someone looking to come out of hockey-retirement, or are actively playing - we look forward to seeing you pool side soon!

Keen to grab a game? 

We have games running in both metro Perth and the country.

For Perth games, click here.

For country games, this is where you need to go.

Level 3 accreditation as part of the Good Sports program.

Good Sports work with clubs to help them provide safe and healthy environments for families to play sports. Find out more here.

WA ladies development weekend

INVITING ALL WA underwater hockey girls and ladies who are playing at local club level or above. Please come along even if you are an inexperienced player. We just expect you to be a competent snorkeller who is playing in adult club games already and ready to play a number of games a day! If you aren’t sure if its right for you, feel free to ask.

More details here!